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Lady of the Night by bexxasaurus

Overall this is a nice piece. I wanted to offer some comments that hopefully would provide some inspiration. While they might seem nega...

Return to Wonderland by JocelynAda

I have four of your drawings on my wall and this would easily be my favorite were one of them not a commission I asked of you of a char...

Ruby: Dark Cloud. by CreatureCola
by CreatureCola

Overall this is a very nice piece. I feel I should say that up front because with any critique I think there is a focus on how to make ...

Christmas With The Mind Controller by The-Mind-Controller

I understand that there is an accepted practice of taking screenshots in games like Second Life or World of Warcraft or the like, placi...


Alexandria the Red as Poison Ivy by Saxsy
Alexandria the Red as Poison Ivy
A drawing based on a photo of the lovely and talented @Alexandriathered (from Twitter), used with permission.

If you like my artwork you might like my writing. I've finally gotten all my books together and they're available for $6 each at <…. Go take a look and if you have any questions, that's what the comment sections are for.
I am in a favorite giving mood. Of the eleven deviations I looked at today, I gave favorites to 10. Usually I don't even give one.

It didn't hurt that they were all really, really good. Take a look at my faves and see if you agree.
Lady of the Night by bexxasaurus
Overall this is a nice piece. I wanted to offer some comments that hopefully would provide some inspiration. While they might seem negative, I don't intend them to be that way. Judging from a quick glance at your prior work I would say that this is among your best and you should definitely continue onwards!

Her hair is the most striking part of the piece and it looks absolutely beautiful. My one suggestion for that is that instead of having the colors blend from blonde at the top to dark at the end, you should think about streaks of hair with different colors. As it looks now the hair seems less organic, as if the color of the hair were a function not of the hair itself, but as a way the light hits it or it is seen. From your description, this may be what you intended for me to think, and if that is the case, good job. I think you should consider it the other way if you haven't.

In contrast to the hair, the rest of the piece seems a bit rushed. It's not of the same quality or detail. I think that detracts from the piece as a whole, because it creates an unintended contrast of styles. The body and hair seem to belong in two different drawings.

Compositionally there are two things that seem odd. First: where are her legs below the knees? Is she intended to be kneeling? If so, then you should consider having some sort of background or other way of showing that. I would question, given the theme of the piece, whether kneeling would be an appropriate position—if she is the sort of dominant presence that steals a man's heart, that's not conveyed by her body position. Instead, it (along with the placement of her arms, which I'll get to later) conveys submissiveness, which is not what I think you intended and is inconsistent with the composition of the hair.

Her arms are a similar issue. From your description I gather that she is trying to steal someone else's heart, but the position makes it seem like she is guarding her own. The position of the heart definitely confuses the issue in that regard. Her body posture plays into a submissiveness that I don't think you were intending.

Proportionally her head is large and her neck is long. Her arms are thin, but not excessively so. I think you can do something by exaggerating these proportions. I like that her neck is long but I think you should extend that to the rest of her body, lengthening her arms and torso as well. The torso appears to me to be in a realistic proportion but that's not always the right call. Experiment with exaggeration and see if they can give you the effect you need.

Overall I think it's a striking piece and something I think you should continue. Keep in mind whether the composition accurately reflects your artistic intentions. Experiment with body positioning and posture. Consider whether other gestures would be more appropriate and how you can exaggerate proportions to convey those gestures. Good luck with it!
…to find some groups with art I like that are not related to Warcraft. Any suggestions?


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