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Return to Wonderland by JocelynAda

I have four of your drawings on my wall and this would easily be my favorite were one of them not a commission I asked of you of a char...

Ruby: Dark Cloud. by CreatureCola
by CreatureCola

Overall this is a very nice piece. I feel I should say that up front because with any critique I think there is a focus on how to make ...

Christmas With The Mind Controller by The-Mind-Controller

I understand that there is an accepted practice of taking screenshots in games like Second Life or World of Warcraft or the like, placi...


Traxy: The Pink Widow Tour by Saxsy
Traxy: The Pink Widow Tour
This is a project I'm working on for my advanced Illustrator class. The point of the assignment was to use various Illustrator techniques to make a poster in the art nouveau style.

This is one of those things that once I started working on it, I couldn't stop. Had a lot of fun with it. I'm not sure if it's any good, but I don't care so much—it's fun.

Traxy is, of course, Azeroth's funniest Pink Haired Night Elf Death Knight Comedienne.
Hjoe Petrov by Saxsy
Hjoe Petrov
Another in the "draw again" meme.

The original is here: 
Hjoe Petrov by Saxsy Hjoe Petrov

Hjoe is, or was, a draenei death knight in World of Warcraft. The person playing her consistently favorites everything I draw so I thought it would be a nice surprise to go back and redo that drawing. Hope you like it!
Jana Aliston by Saxsy
Jana Aliston
Jana Aliston is a sorcerer with an elemental bloodline.

She had her origins in World of Warcraft, but now she's gone beyond that. I've written several books based on her; she's been a character in ESO, and now there's a version of her in my monthly D&D campaign.

This was inspired by :iconhotbento: hotbento with a "Draw this again!" meme. This is the third time I've drawn this particular pose and I think it's my favorite. The last time I drew it was two and a half years ago. Hopefully this version is a little better, though I've been more focused on design than drawing.

Hope you like it!

Prior version:
Jana Aliston 6 by Saxsy
Return to Wonderland by JocelynAda
I have four of your drawings on my wall and this would easily be my favorite were one of them not a commission I asked of you of a character I created. I think it shows an incredible range of technique insofar as the emotions displayed by the characters. I adore the Red Queen—not simply because she looks gorgeous—but because I think you've captured a majesty of the character that I've never seen before. The other characters are fantastic as well. I don't know what Alice is looking at but it seems like it might be something out of the most gory displays in Dexter or a horror movie. The White Hare and Cheshire Cat would look out of place were this not a scene that invites the sort of range you've expressed here—I think it's absolutely appropriate that they are more comic and exaggerated than the other characters in the story. And the Mad Hatter—well, I don't know exactly what he's thinking but he sure looks devious.

I've dinged you one star on originality only because this is not an entirely original scene. I don't know if that's appropriate because I do think it's an original interpretation of these characters, and a fantastic one at that. I thought it was worth explaining.

My only complaint with this is not one that I think is easy to fix, and not one I would recognize were this thing not on my wall to my right. There is a richness to the colors in the print that I don't see in the image above. Perhaps that's because it's a JPEG, perhaps that's because it's on a monitor rather than in print, or perhaps there's something you could actually have done about it. For this reason I think anyone who enjoys the image as much as I do should try to get a print of it, because the print is even better than this.
…to find some groups with art I like that are not related to Warcraft. Any suggestions?


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